Community Guidelines

  • Welcome to the Material Sharing community. Here are a few guidelines to follow while interacting and contributing.


    The structure of this community is such that there is a post for each module. You can contribute material to each module by replying to that module’s post and by mentioning one of the moderators (please note that if you don't tag a mod, your post reply will be ignored). For the material, please upload it to Google Drive and paste the Google Drive link (make sure anyone with the link can access it) in your post reply. The moderator will then add the files as official resource. A post will be pinned at the top, which will contain links to all the resources.


    As highlighted above, please share your resource by “replying” to the post of a module.

    Post title: year and semester of module, professor and a brief of what the resource is. For example, if you’re sharing the CS2100 lecture slides from AY18/19 Sem 2 (taught by Prof Aaron Tan), your post title should be:

    [18/19 S2 by Aaron Tan] Lecture Slides.

    Post description: Google Drive Link (make sure anyone with the link can access).

    This post will be pinned in this category for ease of access.

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